KEFAS, from the epic explorers to modern travelers

The Greek name PETRUS, which is the translation of Aramaic KEPHAS, taken from KEFA, means precisely stone, rock. From here KEFAS.

KEFAS was also the name of a nineteenth century English mining Company. In 1870 London, besides being the political centre of the industrial revolution, was the theater of the birth of an epic period of discoveries.

Companies like KEFAS, delegated their engineers for finding out new mineral deposits along the main way Asia-Middle East, Africa, Europe: however the most surprising result was the discovery of legendary civilizations and unknown peoples.

Well known professionals closely related to industrial at that time, answering to a growing passion for knowledge of distant civilizations, became explorers, archeologists, anthropologists world-famous; among them, men like George Adams, that drew heavily on the research of different culture, he repeated throughout his life:

“The life of men is affected by their decisions. 
Mine is influenced by a desire for adventure.. Every man has such an attitude, that, in case it matches with favorable circumstances, will give sense to the rest of his life. My personal tendency has always been turned towards exploration and discoveries…”

In 2001 we decided to revive the spirit of that epic of great discoveries: the journey, the expedition, exploration , knowledge of places and peoples, that the thirst for knowledge that led the men out of their nation we called it “The outward call” calling out the exploration as a resource to learn about the world….This is why we created KEFAS, “the outward call” a new line of shoes for the outdoor world combining the spirit and the charm of the adventure with the technical knowledge and experience of the STYL GRAND Company, led by Grando brothers, leaders from more than 30 years in sport shoes production.

And more, in collaboration with institutions, museums and archeological and ethnographic research firms, we have organized and supported expeditions to Bolivia, Peru , Alaska and others places more or less remote parts of the planet.
We therefore tested under extreme conditions our shoes and this helped to meet our (and your) desire for adventure and discovery.

KEFAS enters the market as reference for all those who are exploring a way to learn about the world, both in the most extreme and in the fun of a tourist situation , responding to that mysterious and urgent call out : “outward call”.
The research of the market trends combined with the most current and innovative design, functionally and ergonomics of innovative materials, has led to the creation of a series of lines that bring together the need for novelty, safety and comfort for a person curious about the world.
The Kefas brand wants therefore be driving the people who are hiking and exploring the means of learn about different cultures and distant neighbors.